Arctic Icelandic Sheepskin Sexto (6 ft x 6 ft)

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For some rooms, a touch of raw, natural texture can really bring it to life. Our Arctic Sheepskin Sexto brings just that, in a beautiful, tactile and inviting package. Created from six natural Arctic sheepskin pieces, this large, wooly rug is perfect for use as an area rug. Its extra-long fibers (up to 8" long) bringing a deep, soft feel and wild look to any room.

With its natural shape and shaggy look, the Arctic Sheepskin Sexto is certainly eye catching, and it is also incredibly comfortable to sink into. Relaxing is the only option once you feel that soft, deep pile. 

The Arctic Sheepskin Sexto is a great area rug, and a real alternative to the look of more traditional sheepskin, without losing that natural look and feel. A center piece for any room, this sheepskin Sexto brings nature right into your home.

6 ft x 6 ft or 180 cm x 180 cm

  • 100% Genuine Icelandic sheepskin
  • Luxuriously soft texture
  • Icelandic sheep is composed of two types of hair: guard hairs and undercoat hairs
  • Top coat is long and full while the undercoat is short and soft giving it an amazing and sensational texture
  • Dramatic focal feature draped over a chair, across the bed or on the floor.
  • Durable Leather underside
  • This is a natural product, each pelt is unique - colors can vary slightly

Also available in: 2' x 3' Rug

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