Octo Sheepskin Rug (6'x7.5')

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When you want to make a statement of your personal style, this large, beautiful and natural Octo Sheepskin Rug really stands out. Large enough for any room, its natural shape and texture exudes luxurious quality, while the choice of five tasteful colors give the rug a contemporary feel that blends with any décor.

As an area rug its thick, welcoming pile and soft natural feel create a haven of relaxation, and its size makes the Octo sheepskin rug big enough to use as a throw across even a King sized bed.

Made exclusively from the very best sheepskin sourced from Australia and New Zealand, this natural rug has a superior feel and look, giving any room a luxurious touch at its heart. The Octo Sheepskin Rug uses a blend of natural, highest quality sheepskin and contemporary color and design to create the ultimate area rug for your home.

Dimensions (approximate)
6 ft x 7.5 ft or 180 cm x 210 cm

Also available in:
Single Rug
Double Rug
Quarto Rug
Sexto Rug

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